All for 5G | Voices From Around America


“The race to deploy tomorrow's 5G networks is on. China, Japan, South Korea and others are doing everything they can to win. That’s clear from a recent Analysys Mason report, which found that China is currently leading the world in 5G readiness, with the U.S. closely behind. 5G will bring a wide range of economic and social benefits, including millions of jobs in communities across America. Every industry, including healthcare, energy, transportation, law enforcement, e-commerce, logistics, and education will be positively impacted.”

– CTIA “Race to 5G Report”

“It’s a tight race. We can leapfrog [China and South Korea] and win this race. I feel confident that we will win the race.”

– Meredith Atwell Baker – President & CEO, CTIA

“Our research shows China with a slight lead in 5G readiness, with South Korea and the U.S. close behind. The U.S. led the world in 4G, and the U.S. wireless industry is leading global 5G research and development with aggressive commercial 5G deployment plans that will benefit U.S. consumers.”

– David Abecassis – Partner, Analysys Mason

“With its wide range of possible applications, 5G technology promises to deliver substantial benefits to American consumers. Analysts predict that 5G would add $500 billion to our GDP and create 3,000,000 new jobs. A recent study by the American Consumer Institute estimated that the deployment of 5G networks in the United States would generate $1.2 trillion in additional consumer benefits."

– Steve Pociask – President and CEO of the American Consumer Institute