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Only the New T-Mobile will be uniquely able to accelerate the country’s position and quickly deploy a broad and deep nationwide 5G network that will deliver better service and lower prices to consumers across all parts of the U.S. We will supercharge the pro-consumer, Un-carrier strategy to bring sustainable competition into the marketplace and create new jobs starting day one. As the 5G era accelerates, this consumer obsessed company will deliver innovation that customers demand and bring its disruptive nature to adjacent industries to force change for consumers everywhere.

A Message
from the CEOs

Global tech leadership for the next decade is at stake and ONLY the New T-Mobile will have the network and spectrum capacity to quickly create a broad and deep 5G network in the first few years of the 5G innovation cycle.

Leading the 5G Revolution

It is absolutely imperative that the U.S. extends the global innovation, technology and economic leadership it seized during the 4G era. It is easy to forget now, but the 4G revolution unleashed innovation that led to the modern economy we interact with every day. Lyft, Uber, Snapchat, Tinder, Venmo, Square, Instagram…these are companies that simply do not exist without 4G. But 4G didn’t just create a herd of unicorns. Global leaders such as Facebook, Alphabet, Amazon and Netflix adapted their businesses and their growth exploded! 

All told mobile technologies accounted for 4.5% of global GDP in 2016 which is equivalent to $3.3 trillion in economic value.

Sparking the 5G Economy

Asserting U.S. Leadership

Unleashing Innovation

First and Best Nationwide 5G

Investment in Infrastructure

Substantial Job Creation

Jobs and Economic Growth

Supercharging the Un-Carrier

Lower Prices

New Reach Into Rural Communities

Enhanced Customer Service

Disruptive Innovation

Competition Across Industries

More Jobs

“This combination will create a fierce competitor able to deliver lower prices, more innovation, and a second-to-none network experience"

– John Legere, CEO of the New T-Mobile